Dynamite Offer Limited Edition Vampirella Print To Support Joyce Chin After Recent Illness

by Olly MacNamee

As you may have heard and read, recently while traveling to Chicago and C2E2 Joyce Chin was hospitalized for two weeks. Hospitalized for nearly two weeks amounts to a rather large medical bill and Dynamite are helping cover some of this cost with a special Vampirella lithograph. Furthermore, should Joyce not need all/any of the money from this, then the proceeds will be going to The Hero Initiative. So, its win-win for anyone considering picking up either a signed or unsigned litho spotlighting Dynamite’s birthday girl, Vampi.

Here’s a brief resume of Chin’s work for some of the industry’s top companies:

Joyce Chin is one of the greatest working artists in comic books. Breaking into the industry in the mid-1990s, Chin got major notice for her artwork in Wynonna Earp, written by Beau Smith. From there, Chin moved onto a celebrated run on Xena: Warrior Princess comics at Topps and Dark Horse, today reprinted by Dynamite in the Classic Years Omnibus. In the 2000s she began working with Top Cow and contributed to some of the earliest Dynamite titles such as the Monster War crossover. At this point she cemented her legacy as one of the most treasured Vampirella artists across several crossover specials and variant covers.

Today Joyce is one of the most in demand cover artists, working with every major publisher. Recent work includes variants for Black Panther, Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange and Ms. Marvel. For Dynamite she has continued to contribute to Vampirella and has drawn many covers for the Chaos! line including Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Lady Demon and Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! Fans can find some of her cherished interior artwork in the Spring 2019 issue of Playboy, containing an exclusive Vampirella story written by Gail Simone.
Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci gave us this statement about the worthy venture:

Joyce and Arthur have long been two of my favorite artists and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them. They both are incredibly talented and have unique styles. I’m fortunate to have been close friends with them for years and was shocked to hear of Joyce’s injury. We thought the perfect way to boost their fundraising efforts was to give fans the opportunity to help as well as receive one of Joyce’s most beautiful pieces as a bonus.

Chin has a GoFundMe page up right now for fans to support too, but if you’re looking to bag print, go visit Dynamite’s website, where fans can purchase the Vampirella lithograph or a limited edition signed by Joyce.

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