Introducing A New Universe Of Superheroes In Humanoids’ H1 FCBD Offering

by Olly MacNamee

Ahead of FCBD, Humanoids have released a preview of their offering which further expands on their new shared universe line of new superhero books we recently informed you about. The various comic titles planned by H1 to expand this shared universe will collectively be called Ignition with a series of original graphic novels coming under the H1 Originals banner. With the talent of Mark Waid and John Cassady behind the wheel, there’s certainly no doubt of the experience or quality going into this new venture from Humanoids.

With the successes of Ahoy Comics and Vault Comics this past year or so, I’d say the market for further imaginative and exciting comics is certainly there. Will Humanoids be able to tap into this market? Well, giving away a preview comic this coming FCBD is a good start to get their message out there. As will our forthcoming interview with Mark Waid too.

Watch this space and enjoy this huge 16 page preview.

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