It’s Batman’s Dilemma And Mxy Vs Bat-Mite In Justice League #23

by Olly MacNamee

As Superman takes his one and only chance of escaping his prison, the rest of the Justice League are contained by Lois Lane on Apokolips and Batman hears out the World Forger’s master plan, which all comes down to a con trick, really. A cosmic scaled one, admittedly, but a con trick nonetheless. All this and Bat-Mite facing off against Mr Mxyzptlk, as promised from last issue. And all in just the first 8 pages! So, another quiet issue of Justice League then. Not.
Scott Snyder just seems to ‘get’ the various characters of the DCU, and it’s these characteristics of the individual members that drives the story, and the threat, forward. Snyder will always have an insight into his beloved Batman – given his seminal and already ‘classic’ run on the Dark Knight – but as a lifelong fan, he also gets Superman, Wonder Woman and others too. Which leads to great dilemmas in this issue; all of which seem to surround the imprisoned Superman who even the World Forger recognises  – as the Prime Superman – could be the only rendition to possibly be able to escape his prison.

With so many plates spinning, Snyder continues to be the supreme ring-master, continuing to not only thrill the reader, but throw in unexpected twists and turns that have kept even the most eagle-eyed readers on their toes. Me included. So, when a particular group of reprobates come in to save the day – or at least save some of the Leaguers – it’s not only a surprise, but Snyder is able to throw in a great call-back to Tom King and Mitch Gerard’s Mister Miracle maxi-series and give the reader a rare and rye smile. I loved it! And, I dare say you will too.
Meanwhile, playing around and experimenting with various textures that are paying off dividends is Jorge Jimenez who really is one of DC’s greatest finds in the past decade or so, and he is proving it with each issue he’s on. Although colourist Alejandro Sánchez certainly aides in the overall stunning art with colours that not only help differentiate the various different events the are contained in the issue, but bring the fire to the fire pits of Apokolips as well as a cooler colour palette for the scenes in which Batman and the World Forger have their conversations. Conversations which could well have deadly consequences should Batman take up his offer to save the multiverse. But, you’ll have to pick up the issue to find out, won’t you? I mean, we are all reading this title, aren’t we?
Justice League #23 is out now from DC Comics.

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