Batwoman Likely To Stream On WarnerMedia Service As CW/Netflix Pact Expires

by Erik Amaya


Remember, not so long ago, when one could easily watch CW shows like Arrow and The Flash the morning after broadcast on Hulu and life was simple? Then, in 2016, The CW renewed its pact with Netflix to stream the most recent seasons of their shows and abandoned Hulu in favor of an initially buggy ad-supported app featuring a constant loop of that one Crystal Geyser ad and, more recently, that one Eucrisa ad. Well, it seems the network’s off-air streaming situation is about to become further complicated.
Deadline reports The CW will not renew its pact with Netflix when it expires soon; meaning next-season shows like Katy Keene will be shopped around to the various streaming services instead of automatically heading to Netflix, as has been the case since 2011. The site suggests Katy Keene will still end up on Netflix as a separately negotiated show, but they also note Batwoman will likely be saved for use on WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. It sounds like the first shot in what will no doubt be a consolidation of Warner Bros. Television content despite the fact the other Arrowverse shows will continue to stream on Netflix for the foreseeable future. Though, it may only be a matter of time before those shows also end up on WarnerMedia.
In the meantime, we can’t help but wonder what this means for DC Universe, a streaming service dedication to DC related media. Some have suggested it may not survive the year and its content will be folded into the WarnerMedia platform. That seems like the best destiny — especially if it means more seasons of Doom Patrol — but it also indicates there will never be a one-stop shop for DC Entertainment projects. Perhaps it will serve as a good example that these media silos will not work in the end. Ultimately, content providers and outlets are more interdependent than they think.

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