Judge Dredd: The Small House – Cover Reveal To The Best Collection Of 2019

by Richard Bruton

Judge Dredd: The Small House, when it was serialised in 20000 AD every week was a wonderful example of just what makes Judge Dredd so incredible at times. The graphic novel collection of the best Dredd for many years is released in September 2019, and this week, 2000 AD revealed the incredible Henry Flint cover to The Small House graphic novel collection. Feast your eyes on this…

The Small House – Cover art by Henry Flint

Henry Flint is one of the modern greats and his new cover for The Small House GN is one of the most iconic Dredd images in years.

Rob Williams – Writer, The Small House

The series, by Rob Williams and Henry Flint was simply incredible – featuring Judge Dredd and the small team of operatives he’d assembled, in deep cover, working without oversight, all to track dangerous covert threats operating in MC-1 and beyond. It’s taken a few years, but now we’re coming to the endgame, and Dredd is ready to make his move.

And in the middle of it all, there’s Judge Smiley. You remember Judge Smiley? Oh yes. Judge Smiley from Trifecta. The mysterious Judge tasked many years ago to work to prevent corruption in MC-1 and the Justice Department. He trusts Dredd. Dredd doesn’t exactly trust him. But sometimes, even Dredd understands that things need doing for the greater good… welcome to The Small House.

Here’s just some of what I said in my weekly reviews of 2000 AD about The Small House:

“There’s something about The Small House, an excitement that means I turn every page with my breath held, not knowing what twists Williams is going to throw my way, not knowing what visual brilliance Henry Flint will deliver. The Small House was something I was waiting for and it’s absolutely delivering the thrills week after week.”

“Henry Flint continues to deliver something that we’ll be looking back on in years to come as the definitive Dredd of a decade.”

“It was, quite simply, magnificent. Williams and Flint have just laid claim to being the premier team on Dredd. …it’s been a beautifully developed thing, tense, taut, thrilling, something that’s explored the very nature of Dredd and the world he exists in, the super-cop as fascist. And every single panel of the art has been a sheer delight to see.”

You can preorder this most essential of Judge Dredd collections, The Small House, via July’s Previews at your local friendly comic book shop. Judge Dredd: The Small House is due out on September 5th.

As well as putting up the art for the collection, Henry Flint also shared a few of his roughs for the cover and the raw cover with a 0.4% blur (artist talk!)…

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