Mind Your Insides With Morgan’s Organs, Now On Kickstarter

by Josh Davison

What if Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out were more adult-oriented and were about the organs fighting with one another instead of the emotions? What if the two “heads” were always fighting, our main character swallowed a die, and then he drank so much that he practically experienced Christopher Nolan’s Memento in real life?

Then, you would have Morgan’s Organs by Daniel Brodie, Robert Jennex, and Tyler Kelting, an independently-released currently on Kickstarter.

Morgan's Organs #3 cover by Robert Jennex
Morgan’s Organs #3 cover by Robert Jennex

It’s a mature comedy adventure focusing upon the various organs in Morgan’s body struggling for control. The main two powers in Morgan’s body are his brain, named Brian, and his “other head”, named Pepe. Though the stomach, lungs, heart, and other organs have a lot to say too.

The first two issues focused on the fight between Brian and Pepe as well as the trauma Morgan puts his stomach through. The upcoming comic has Morgan going on a long night of drinking and the aftermath of it all.

Morgan’s Organs #1 and #2 are already out now and available, though there will likely be additional printings of them with the completion of the current Kickstarter.

Morgan's Organs cast by Robert Jennex
Morgan’s Organs cast by Robert Jennex

The punchline to this post is that the Kickstarter has actually already reached its goal, but there are stretch goals to meet as well as cool collectibles for those who donate and their various tiers, including enamel pins, posters of covers and interior pages, and figurines.

I actually read and reviewed the first two issues of Morgan’s Organs when I was with my previous outlet, and I can say with certainty that it is a thoroughly entertaining and very funny adventure through the bodily struggles of the titular Morgan.

That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to highlight this Kickstarter. Morgan’s Organs #1 and #2 are genuinely quality comics, and I’m more than happy to signal boost the project. I trust in the creative team to make third issue just as good, if not better, than the first two. As such, I encourage you guys to check out the Kickstarter at this link.

You can also hit up the Morgan’s Organs website to learn more about the comic and the people behind them.

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