Leviathan Bubbling – Action Comics #1011 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The Metropolis PD attempts to arrest Kate Spencer, aka the Manhunter, on allegations that she’s involved in the Leviathan attack. Naturally, the Manhunter doesn’t go down without a fight and escapes. Back in London, Superman finds Lois Lane, who now has a drive with all of the information on the Spyral organization, given to her by Tiger before he disappeared. After fact-checking the information with Huntress, Superman and Lois Lane return to the Fortress of Solitude.

Action Comics #1011 cover by Steve Epting
Action Comics #1011 cover by Steve Epting

Action Comics #1011 concludes the “Leviathan Rising” prelude in Action Comics. The Manhunter has returned to the stage, Amanda Waller is in the wind again, and Lois and Clark now have a full history of Spyral. The Golden Guardian may have a role to play in things to come as well.

What’s almost laughable about the story is that I’ve not really learned anything new about Leviathan from this comic. The Year of the Villain one-shot and even some of the ads for Event Leviathan have hinted more about the organization than Action Comics.

Now, that is a pretty harsh evaluation of “Leviathan Rising” as a story, and it is a little silly how little about the Leviathan organization was revealed or even hinted at in this comic. That said, Action Comics #1011 and the past few issues have all been fairly entertaining. Superman and Lois contending with Leviathan, Spyral, and Amanda Waller makes for good reading.

Action Comics #1011 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed
Action Comics #1011 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed

Plus, Steve Epting, as always, contributes fantastic artwork to the comic. His detail work effects a somewhat realistic aesthetic while still giving the book a distinct style which only Epting himself can offer. Superman himself has a number of legendary stills spread throughout the book. Brad Anderson’s color work sets a vibrant yet foreboding tone that suits the narrative quite well.

Action Comics #1011 is another solid installment from Brian Michael Bendis’ still fairly-new tenure on the series. The dialogue is entertaining, and the art from Epting and Anderson is great. This one gets a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.

Action Comics #1011 comes to us from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist and cover artist Steve Epting, color artist Brad Anderson, letterer Josh Reed, and variant cover artist Francis Manapul.

Final Score: 7/10

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