The X-Men Come To ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3’

by Sage Ashford

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally confirms that Marvel’s merry band of mutants are coming to their latest installment of their Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series, the Black Order.  It seems players will spend a bit of time at Xavier’s Mansion, as Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make an attack on the Mansion–including Juggernaut and Mystique.  Still, with the arrival of Thanos’ Black Order, Magneto and the Brotherhood agree to work with the X-Men to fend off Thanos’ minions.
Though this might not be the complete X-Men line-up, as it stands it seems the roster includes: Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Psyclock, Beast, and Storm. During some of the gameplay, we see them battle against a number of Sentinels, but also find them going on on one with the Juggernaut in what looks to be a boss battle, which raises a question as to whether or not the character is playable.  Though this expands the game’s roster greatly, it’s also missing some key characters from the X-Men, such as Cyclops, Iceman, and Jean Grey.   For now, these characters remain unconfirmed, though they could be revealed later or added in as DLC.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, July 19th.

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