Star Trek: The Q Conflict #4 Sees Things Go From Bad To Worse

by Tony Thornley

The whole point of Star Trek: The Q Conflict has been that the Star Trek universe is FULL of god-like beings. However, up to this point, it has been clear that Q is the most powerful of the bunch. However, that changes in this issue!

Cover by David Messina and Alexandra Alexakis

Scott & David Tipton, Silvia Califano, Elisabetta D’Amico, Alexandra Alexakis, and Neil Uyetake escalate Q’s competition this issue, possibly with disastrous results.

The crews are catching their breath, preparing for the next challenge. Q unveils the challenge- simply to get the attention of the Prophets, the godlike beings that reside in the wormhole just off Deep Space Nine. Will this challenge go as Q hopes, or will it be the thing that finally makes everything spiral out of control?

The Tiptons story continues to pick up. Though this issue isn’t as well rounded as last, they’re still using their large cast well and dive deep into Trek lore in a satisfying way. The escalation of the conflict through the Prophets feels very natural, and their attitude is perfectly in character. It comes all together in the best cliffhanger of the series, especially for longtime fans. However, it is not for anyone who is new, or even just a casual fan, the franchise

I’m always disappointed to see a new penciller come in mid-limited series, but Califano’s style is close enough to David Messina’s that the change is barely noticeable. With D’Amico, their linework is more intimate and character driven, with this story being more based on their plans and actions than anything ship-to-ship. Their work with Q and his entourage is also a great highlight, spotlighting Q and Trelane’s arrogance, and the Prophets’ anger.

This continues to be a buffet for any Trek fan, and a must-read for any longtime Trekkie.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict #4 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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