Deconstructing Comics #625: Crowdfunding Comics!

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Deconstructing Comics Podcast is back tonight to talk about one of the biggest subjects in comics publishing in recent years!


Comics are booming on, and this week Tim talks to three who have turned to it multiple times to get their comics out to fans:

  • 01:30 Ron Randall has just launched his latest campaign, to fund the next volume of his long-running series Trekker.
  • 22:23 Arledge Comics’ Natalie Cooper explains how the publisher crowdfunds nearly everything it publishes! Its current campaign is for an anthology of Shakespeare-themed comics.
  • 33:39 Kelly Tindall, creator of the web comic Strangebeard, explains the challenges of duplicating your first project’s success.

Listen up below!

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