Leading The World-Devourer To Water In Doctor Strange #14

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Doctor Strange, as Galactus’ new herald, as scoured the mystic realms in search of a world without life which the World Devorer can consume. Finally, a lead appears before Stephen Strange. He goes back to Galactus and Clea to report his findings. Meanwhile, Umar works to build a coalition among the beings of the mystic realms. Doctor Strange and Clea lead Galactus to the lifeless world, but Dormammu seems to be scheming in the background.

Doctor Strange #14 cover by Jesus Saiz
Doctor Strange #14 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #14 continues the Sorcerer Supreme’s reluctant servitude to Galactus.

Once again, Mark Waid crafts a story that feels both classic and fresh. Stephen Strange and Clea wandering the dazzling void of the mystic realms harkens back to many classic Doctor Strange tales, but the addition of Galactus and Umar’s apparent redemption injects new ideas into the formula.

Doctor Strange desperately trying to find an uninhabited world to feed Galactus adds a nice tension to everything. We don’t know when the World Devourer may break down and consume every world in sight, and we don’t know what Dormammu and his allies are brewing to take advantage of the crisis. Our only hope for all of reality is that Doctor Strange, Clea, and Umar can concoct a way to get Galactus out of the mystic realms.

Doctor Strange #14 art by Barry Kitson, Scott Koblish, Brian Reber, and letterer VC's Cory Petit
Doctor Strange #14 art by Barry Kitson, Scott Koblish, Brian Reber, and letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Barry Kitson’s artwork also gives the comic a classic feeling. The forms and detail evoke the feeling of a 1980’s book, and it also just looks damn good. There are some strange faces in store for Stephen Strange at various points, but they do little to disrupt the artistic flow and aesthetic. Brian Reber’s color art is strong, vibrant, and highly appealing too.

Doctor Strange #14 is another good issue from Waid, Kitson, Koblish, and Reber. Doctor Strange and Clea are doing everything they can to keep Galactus from ravaging the mystic realms, but the World Devourer is only interested in sating his own hunger. This is a solid read and easily worth a recommendation. Check it out.

Doctor Strange #14 comes to us from writer Mark Waid, artist Barry Kitson with finishes from Scott Koblish, color artist Brian Reber, letterer VC’s Cory Petit, and cover artist Jesus Saiz.

Final Score: 8/10

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