Sony presents A New Death Stranding Trailer, With Release Date

by Sage Ashford

Though Sony isn’t having a press conference at this year’s E3, that doesn’t mean they’ve decided to cede this entire year to Nintendo and Microsoft. On the contrary, the console giant has just revealed a new trailer for Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid)’s latest opus, Death Stranding.  A game that stands apart from other highly anticipated games, Death Stranding is a title fans have seen plenty of…but most of them are still no more sure what it’s about than they were before it was ever announced.
This new trailer seeks to solve that, as it takes us into the life of Sam Bridges Porter, a man tasked to reconnect the isolated cities of America. Along the way, he’ll deal with an army known as the Homo Demens, who have their own desires for society as a whole. Despite being eight minutes, this trailer still leaves many questions remaining though, as Sam will also deal with the mysterious BTs, invisible beings capable of dragging people to the “other side”.   .

Along with this trailer comes information about the game’s pre-order bonuses and Collector’s Edition. Those who pre-order will receive special in-game items, including golden sunglasses, armor plate, hat, and an all-terrain speed skeleton.
The Collector’s Edition will include all of that, but also a custom steel book, the game’s soundtrack and a behind the scenes digital video, the cargo case carried by Bridge in the game, a key ring based off the Ludens “Kojima Production” emblem, a set of PSN avatars, and the BB pod carried in the game. This collector’s edition will cost $199.99 USD.
Death Stranding releases November 8th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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