It’s Batman and Noggin: Last Knight On Earth #1 Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Batman: Last Knight On Earth is the final story in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on the character. Under DC’s Black Label imprint, the creative duo is allowed to take more risks with the character in a story unmoored from censorship and continuity. Is this the finale the Dark Knight deserves?

The Bad

Despite being advertised and priced as an oversized issue, there are seven pages devoted to chapter breaks and floating text on a black background. This may not be a problem when the entire story is collected into a trade, but as an individual comic, it comes across as filler.

The Good

Capullo’s art has been consistently stellar throughout the series. His directorial sensibilities make even exposition-heavy scenes dynamic and interesting. Bruce’s new straightjacket bat-suit is a great design and will no doubt be translated into a collectable art toy.

Snyder has created a clever set up where Batman teams up with Joker and other DC characters in a bizarre new post-apocalyptic world. The dynamic between Batman and Joker is fun and the cold opening of Bruce Wayne being treated in Arkham Asylum will leave you scratching your head.

The Verdict

Batman: Last Knight On Earth has a good, but not great opening issue. The warped vision of Batman’s future is beautifully illustrated, but by the time the plot actually starts moving, the issue is over.

The title is under DC’s Black Label imprint but there isn’t much difference from a regular Batman comic except that characters can actually curse. I suspect that this is a story that will be most enjoyed as a collected graphic novel.

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