X-23 #12 Brings A Journey To Its End

by Tony Thornley

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a comic book story explore family while balancing excellent action as X-23. Now with the series’ last issue, the team has one last chance to give us an exploration of family and sisterhood.

Cover by Ashley Witter

Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Walden Wong, Chris O’Halloran, and Cory Petit wrap up the series in a big way in this issue.

The events of the last arc have left Laura and Gabby estranged. However, the sisters are drawn together in one last mission against those who want to use their genetics for nefarious purposes. Can they save the day and more importantly save their relationship?

Overall this is a strong issue from Tamaki’s part. She builds on the Kinney sisters’ relationship and frames the action through that lens. The central conflict is exciting, with a fun twist. However, some of the plot elements are repetitive from the earlier issues of the series, and the major character development that closes the issue plays a bit hollow.

I am going to miss Olortegui and Wong’s line work after this issue. They have a great sense of motion, and some of the best fight choreography I’ve seen in a long time. They also are able to convey the connection between Laura and Gabby, and the change in body language necessary for Gabby’s growth. O’Halloran’s colors are mostly very good, but in a few places they’re oversaturated or washed out, which does distract from the rest of the story.

This phase in the Kinney sisters’ lives has come to an end. Let’s hope we get more of their heroics soon!

X-23 #12 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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