Not All Super Villains Are Bad People In Dark Specter 2

by James Ferguson

Sure, he might be out to destroy the world, but does that make Dark Specter a bad guy? There’s a tenuous balance struck in Dark Specter 2, a short film currently available to watch for free on Facebook. It stars Bruce Nachsin in the title role as a nefarious super villain who also has to get home in time to make his mother dinner and watch Jeopardy.

Nachsin also wrote the film, which turns the idea of a bad guy on its head. His friend, Richard Tatum directed it.

Tatum says:

I don’t think anyone has attacked a superhero story in quite this way. It’s the kind of project I had been dying to try my hand at as a director. I mean, it had everything I could want – action, superheroes, comedy, and a lot of heart without pretense, and so I was thrilled at the opportunity to work on this with Bruce.

Dark Specter 2 has been making the rounds of festivals, taking home some awards including Best Short Film at the Independent Shorts Awards, Indie Short Fest, and Mindfield, LA. It will be shown at San Diego Comic Con this July too.

I like the premise and execution of Dark Specter 2. It’s got some pretty decent effects for an independent film and there’s more than enough to catch your interest and have you clamoring for more.

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