Hail Kobra: New G.I. Joe Comic And New World Order Coming From IDW This September

by Olly MacNamee

Now I’m not a reader of G.I. Joe but it would seem that the newest series from IDW has Kobra in charge of America and good guys on the run and in hiding. That’s a pretty extreme take and it’s sound like a great reflection of our current political climate in which friendly fascism can rise right in front of our faces and the dire future consequences of such a political landscape, albeit in the fictitious world of G.I. Joe. Coming this September.

Here’s more on this fascinating new direction from writer Paul Allor who teams up on this new book with artist Chris Evenhuis:

This story is inspired both by modern warfare – where non-state actors fight vastly overpowered militaries to a perpetual standstill – and World War II, where Great Britain’s SOE recruited civilians behind enemy lines.

Old-school G.I. Joe fans will absolutely love it and find it true to everything G.I. Joe stands for, and new folks will be attracted to a deeply character-driven tale of hope and humanity, and about the power of resilience in an increasingly unraveling world.

All hail Kobra? We’ll see this September from IDW.

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