Psi-Lords #1 Launches An Intergalactic Adventure

by Tony Thornley

Four amnesiac strangers wake up in an alien prison. That’s either a set up for a weird joke or a science fiction comic. Fortunately for us, Psi-Lords is the latter.

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

Fred Van Lente, Renato Guedes, and Dave Sharpe kick off this space epic with a killer first issue.

Tank, Artisan, Hazard and Beacon each wake up with only one memory- an alien race performing surgery on them- and a voice in their head. The voice leads them to breakout. They rapidly discover they’re in way over their heads- they’re deep in space on a Vine ship!

Van Lente takes the basic setup of Psi-Lords, and turns it into a fascinating sci-fi mystery. Even without their memories, the group’s identities come through quickly. They have distinct roles within the narrative immediately. He also fills the story with interesting Valiant Universe ties, such as the appearance of the Vine, which enhances the story for longtime Valiant fans but doesn’t take away from it for those who aren’t.

Guedes has a great sense of story here to compliment the script. He captures the characters’ personalities both through their introductions and their actions. He also creates a great sense of building tension as our quartet of heroes try to figure out what’s going on. His painted art however can be stiff at times, which downsells the humor that Van Lente put in the script.

After months of promotion, we have to ask- does Psi-Lords #1 meet expectations? I can say with certainty, absolutely.

Psi-Lords #1 is available now from Valiant Entertainment.

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