Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 Delivers A Climactic Battle Full Of Personal Moments

by James Ferguson

Thanos’ master plan is coming to fruition, allowing him another chance at life at the expense of his own brother. The Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t going to sit back and let that happen. That means they’ll have to fight through not only the Dark Guardians, but Hela and the Black Order as well. This rag-tag team has been battered and bruised, but they’re not out yet.

The bulk of Guardians of the Galaxy #6 consists of this all out battle. It is epic in the truest sense of the word. This showdown has been built up since the first issue so it feels earned. It’s set up like the climax to a blockbuster film as these heroes get ready for the fight of their lives.
I’m happy to say it delivers in spades. Artist Geoff Shaw has outdone himself with some incredible art direction and fight choreography. My eyes were darting all over the page trying to take each moment in. I was poring over every image to see every detail. The entire team is in the mix and all of them get some choice attacks in.

The battle plays out as a series of moments, some more personal than others. You know the big fight scene at the end of Avengers: Endgame? This one has that kind of tone to it, where you’ll zoom in for a closer attack before falling back to see the sheer size and scale of the scene. I was already invested in this book and the characters within it and sequences like this only pull me in deeper. More importantly, there are some elements that set up future storylines, so as this one comes to a close, we know we’re in for more cosmic adventure soon.
Colorist David Curiel creates a healthy mix of bombastic energy that great sci-fi like this is known for and a more gritty, foreboding quality. This is not the bright shiny future seen in Star Trek. This is a lived in universe that’s been worn down over time. Thanos represents a dark cloud that hangs over all of these people, casting a long shadow.

Letterer Cory Petit amplifies the action with some great sound effect placement. This seems to build over time, getting bigger and bigger to coincide with the climax of the fight.
As awesome as the battle is, the closing pages are just as solid. The Guardians celebrate and we’re reminded that they are not the Avengers. Folks like Nova and Nebula may have fought alongside them, but they’re not ready to call themselves Guardians. It’s a sobering moment when that sinks in. I have to say though, this is a pretty cool lineup already. At the bare minimum, this series has given me a newfound appreciation for Beta Ray Bill. That guy is awesome.

Writer Donny Cates gets to the heart of these characters and how broken they are. This group of screw-ups, despite their many flaws, draw strength from one another and manage to save the day every so often. That’s just part of what makes this such a great read. This is the perfect book to give to someone that is curious about comics after watching the Marvel movies.
Guardians of the Galaxy #6 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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