Switch Explains Her Power In A Preview Of Next Week’s Legion

by Erik Amaya

The final season of Legion is in full swing. And while Monday’s episode was one of the more linear hours of the series, it still featured the arrival of Switch (Lauren Tsai) and her ability to travel in time. In lieu of vortexes or lightning, her ability is realized in a pretty low-tech, but stylish way. Would you expect time travel on Legion to look anything like other time travel stories? Switch’s ability is going to become pretty important to David (Dan Haller), as seen in this preview for next week’s show. Just her very simple explanation of it makes David very excited about what he can do. It also leaves the gang at Division 3 smarting as Switch is the only reason David is still alive.

We’re going to be following Legion for its final volume, even if it continues to be the headiest, trippiest, and most rigorous comic book based show on television. Will David and Switch set the world right or will this be how he brings it to its end?

Legion airs Mondays on FX.

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