Could A Stalinverse Character Receive A New Valiant Series?

by Gary Catig
When they see red, they’re already dead…

The single picture and line are the latest teaser for Valiant Entertainment’s next new series. What could it all mean? Focusing on the word “red”, it could mean blood. The scene shows two people laid out on the ground with one even bleeding from the mouth. However, there are a number of violent characters in the Valiant Universe so that doesn’t quite help.

The word “red” can also be associated with the former Soviet Union. As in the Stalinverse, the fake reality that took over the Valiantverse where the Soviet Union won the Cold War. Taking a closer look at the silhouette, it looks like a person with long hair and tentacles. Someone who could fit that description and also fits with the Stalinverse is Valentina Volkov. Better known as Myshka.

Though we’ve usually seen her in her cosmonaut suit, she could easily alter her uniform and remove her helmet to better match the image. Will she be receiving her own series? Is she returning with the rest of the Red Brigade for a team book? Am I completely wrong? We’ll have to wait until the publisher reveals more on their next upcoming series. SDCC might be a good time to announce that too.

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