Art For Art’s Sake #6 – It’s Time For More Comic Art

by Richard Bruton

Another week and another trip around the comics world, picking out the very best comic art from here, there, and everywhere… it’s Art For Art’s Sake and everything looks absolutely gorgeous…

Case in point, Margaux Motin. Always sending me to Google Translate to find out what funny stuff accompanies the wonderful artwork.

Rough translation:
“What I want to say… I understand, I’ve contributed to the situation and it’s partly my responsibility..”
“What I really say… It’s your fault, you started it!”

The ever amazing Ronald Searle (Via The Bristol Board)

And just because… Ronald Searle‘s St Trinian’s… oh, how I love Ronald Searle….

Jose Garcia-Lopez, cover for For Lovers Only #68, 1972…

Jim Medway – Playing Out…

Cover for Groot #2, 2015, Declan Shelvey

Matilda by Posy Simmonds

Shintani Kaoru, Pascal City

She-Hulk Annual 1 – Andy Macdonald artwork…

Fantastic Four #01 Cover Recreation (Via Conan) by Brendan Tobin (From Browse The Stacks)

That there Batman… Sean Gordon Murphy

Will Eisner’s The Spirit – Pia Guerra…

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy – Sara Pichelli

Ant-Man & Wasp – Phil Noto (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

Mike Dringenberg… Death…

Teddy Kristiansen

Chris Samnee art, coloured by cptsteven – just because they wanted to…

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