A Bloody Vampire-Killing Romp Courtesy Of Wolverine Vs. Blade #1

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Some years ago, both Wolverine and Blade were on the hunt for vampires, and they ran into one another at a temple for a vampiric cult called “Creed.” They believed they had wiped out the cult that night, but months later, they separately found leads that put them back on the trail of Creed. Wolverine sought the aid of Doctor Strange, and Blade interrogated an old contact. Finally, both Logan and Blade wind up in Belize…each believing the other is destined to become a messiah for the Creed vampire cult.

Wolverine vs. Blade #1 cover by Dave Wilkins
Wolverine vs. Blade #1 cover by Dave Wilkins

Wolverine vs. Blade #1 is a one-shot set some years back in the history of the Marvel Universe. The story is a one-off horror/action tale which pits Blade and Wolverine against one another for a bloody and brutal showdown.

The plot isn’t especially interesting beyond the fact that it kind of works as a partial lead-in to Curse of the Mutants from 2011 (though that isn’t explicitly stated). All in all, the story is mainly an excuse for Blade and Wolverine to work together and fight one another.

In that regard, Wolverine vs. Blade is a resounding success. We get to see the two butcher their way through hordes of vampires and go at one another with animalistic ferocity.

The one-liners range from cheesy to actually pretty good. Logan and Blade don’t particularly like one another, and they take numerous literal and metaphorical jabs at one another throughout the comic.

Wolverine vs. Blade #1 art by Dave Wilkins and letterer VC's Travis Lanham
Wolverine vs. Blade #1 art by Dave Wilkins and letterer VC’s Travis Lanham

Dave Wilkins is the real star of the show, with his unique painted style that gives the comic an interesting texture and sheen throughout. He also knows how to creatively depict a vampire being dismembered, disemboweled, and decapitated. Plenty of that happens throughout the book, and it’s rendered gloriously. His color art is brilliant as well, and gives the comic an appropriately grim atmosphere.

Wolverine vs. Blade #1 is a fun and wild one-shot which delivers exactly what it promises: a bloody vampire-killing romp starring Logan and Blade. As such, this one gets a recommendation for sure. Check it out.
Wolverine vs. Blade #1 comes to us from writer Marc Guggenheim, artist and cover artist Dave Wilkins, letterer VC’s Travis Lanham, and variant cover artists Matteo Scalera with Moreno Dinisio; and Gabriele Dell’otto.

Final Score: 8/10

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