Melissa Benoist To Direct A Season 5 Episode Of Supergirl

by Erik Amaya

It is a right of passage for a lot of actors on genre shows and the fifth season of Supergirl will see star Melissa Benoist join the ranks for those who opt to direct an episode.

EW reports Benoist will helm the 17th episode of the upcoming season.  “I just felt really drawn to it for a couple of seasons now, just because you know the show so well, and you get to know the character, and the world, and the tone of the show so well that you can’t help but envision certain scenes in a certain way. I want to play with that,” she told the site.

Benoist follows in a long tradition of actors getting behind the camera to direct television. Back on Star Trek: The Next Generation, nearly every member of the cast directed an episode — with Jonathan Frakes making an almost complete transition to director after the series ended. The subsequent Star Trek shows also became known for offering a director’s boot camp to its stars. In more recent times, Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter made her directorial debut with the second episode of the program’s third and final season and Benoist co-star David Harewood directed an episode of Supergirl last year. For many, the opportunity allows them to understand the craft better, while others see it as a way to extend their careers. And as Frakes has shown, it can completely change an actor’s life.

Supergirl returns October 6th on The CW.

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