Check Out The First Trailer For Everreach: Project Eden, A Story-Focused Space RPG

by Sage Ashford

Gamers (and gaming) can’t get enough of outer space. Just this generation alone we’ve seen a ton of different space games for nearly every kind of player. A large part of that comes from it simply being of the most versatile settings in fiction, capable of everything from horror (Alien: Isolation) to exploring an endless frontier (No Man’s Sky) to speculation on our future (Beyond Good and Evil 2).  It almost feels like no year this generation has been able to wrap up without some sort of space sci-fi game joining the other releases.  This year already managed to get one major space title in the can early on (Anthem) with one more on the way (The Outer Worlds), but there’s always room for more.  That’s where Everrreach: Project Eden comes in.
Project Eden is a title from publisher Headup Games and developer Elder Games, where players take on the role of Nora Harwood, a security officer helping the company Everreach to secure planets for colonization.  As hinted in the title, the game sees Nora traveling to planet Eden to look into things, which leads to her learning about the planet’s past and the beings who inhabited the planet before.
Headup Games notes it’s a shorter RPG, clocking in at about 8 hours, which should attract people looking for a strong narrative experience but serve as a caution for anyone looking for a title they can get dozens of hours of play from.  Still, it’s not lacking in depth, as Nora will be capable of customizing both her abilities and her gear for the battles she’ll deal with, and Headup notes she’ll have 80 different upgrades in all.   They’ve also got a neat gameplay hook in the form of a hoverbike.  Unlike, say, the Nomad from Mass Effect: Andromeda, Nora’s hoverbike is still usable in combat, and will help her navigate this strange world and escape some of the dangers lurking about…like giant space ships raining down death and destruction.
Everreach: Project Eden will be available on Steam and Xbox One this September, and will make its way to PS4 later in 2019.   This is one of the busiest release months this year, and Project Eden will be fighting for attention with games like Gears 5, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and Borderlands 3 (all space games), but hopefully it will be able to find a home with players who are looking for a short adventure they can finish over a single weekend.

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