SDCC 2019: New IDW Artist Editions From Steve Ditko, Darwyn Cooke & More

by Gary Catig

Fans love artist editions because it allows them to see work illustrated by some of their favorite comic creators from a new perspective. Publisher, IDW, is known for their artist edition books and they revealed more news and drawings about their upcoming releases during one of their San Diego Comic Con panels.
They briefly went over the Roy G. Krenkel Father of Heroic Fantasy a Centennial Celebration and David Cockrum’s X-Men Artifact Edition that were previously announced at WonderCon. Also announced in the same panel a few months back, was The Marvel Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt. They revealed a new page of art in that collection showing Captain America punching a Nazi.

The previous panel also talked about Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Artist’s Edition and now they shared more artwork from the book.

John Byrne will be receiving a Marvel Classic Artifact Edition that will include a splash page from Captain America #255 as well as a six-page Captain America story that was never published.

Two new projects they showed at the panel related to Darwyn Cooke. First, there will be a new printing of the artist’s The Martini Edition. In addition, coming some time next year is the second volume which will contain his third and fourth graphic novels. It will be entitled The Martini Edition: Last Call. Sean Phillips will help design the book while Ed Brubaker will manage writing duties.

An EC Comics Covers Artist’s Edition was revealed as well and they previewed art from Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman. Half of the art is brand new while the other half can be found in other volumes.

Finally, arriving in 2020 will be the first volume of Steve Ditko’s Complete Mr A. IDW plans to release a second and possibly third volume in the future to present the entire series in chronological order. However, right now, they are still cataloging the collection and are having trouble gathering everything since they were published in many places.

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