Lucifer Extends To 16 Episodes For Its Final Season

by Erik Amaya

The Devil is, of course, in the details.

Netflix announced this morning that the final season of Lucifer will get a 5 episode extension to 16 episodes. The news comes a month after the streaming service announced the series will have its last hurrah with a fifth and final season.

The series, loosely based on the DC Vertigo comic Lucifer by Mike Carey, Peter Gross and others, saw the Lord of Hell (Tom Ellis make his way to Los Angeles and opening a night club. When a person turns up dead on his doorstep, he takes it as an invitation to help the LAPD solve the case and many others. It gets a bit more involved from their as members of his family keep showing up and Lucifer finds he has very human problems — the type requiring counseling. The most recent season saw Lucifer returning to Hell even as he and Chloe (Lauren German) revealed their feelings for each other. Presumably, the final season will see him figuring out how to juggle his responsibilities while dedicating himself to a new romance. Or maybe he’ll just rebel and start his own universe.

Netflix originally saved Lucifer from cancellation when FOX pulled the plug in 2018. But as the streamer enjoys its symmetries, a concluding fifth season makes a certain amount of sense.

Lucifer returns to Netflix in the not-too-distant future.

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