5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 40: “Dark Future”

by Sage Ashford

Gray faces off against Zeref. He doesn’t stand a chance though…so why’s he so confident? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It means a lot. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. As it turns out, Gray slumming it with the last (and most pathetic) of the dark guilds actually had more of a purpose than doing undercover work for Erza. While he was there, he learned to master Lost-type magic, which is how he’s able to do this souped up version of Ultear’s Ice Shell technique.   It wasn’t necessary to explain this to us, but it does cover up a tiny plot hole and has a bit of poetic justice to it.  If this worked, it would literally be because Zeref had orchestrated the cause of his own death. Granted, Zeref has been around for so long in the world and affected so much of the last four hundred years that that can be said about almost anything.

2. There’s not a lot to mention here.  Gray’s spell fails because Natsu arrives just in time to cancel it himself, using his fire magic.  The two of them share a surprisingly touching heart to heart where they apologize for being out of control and hurting one another.  Afterwards, Zeref gloats about how even if Natsu beats him he still loses because if Zeref dies, Natsu dies as well as his “fate”.  To which Natsu responds he’ll simply burn that fate to ashes, in an excellently built up hot-blooded shonen moment.  It’s the kind of Big Damned Hero bit that you want to believe in, no matter how impossible it might seem.  These are the exact kind of moments that make these shows work in the first place, and despite some rough spots here and there, Fairy Tail has always been great at them.

3. I’m going to spare everyone the gore of the actual scene. With Irene’s Universe One canceled, Acnologia has returned. He immediately comes into contact with Irene again and the result…isn’t pretty.  Acknowledging her as the mother of dragon slayers, he snaps and starts stomping her dead body in such a brutal and disgusting fashion that it even makes a former enemy like Wendy sick.
For what it’s worth, this is probably the most emotion we’ve gotten from Acnologia since his introduction. Even when he crushed Fairy Tail on Tenrou Island it felt more casual, with the narration even saying something to the effect of him barely even noticing they were there. Still…this was a disgusting moment and likely the darkest thing the series has done in quite some time.

4. I’m not sure why this moment fell on its face for me. I’ve always loved Cana; the hard-drinkin’ member of Fairy Tail. But I suppose that’s because when I tried to think of other ways to describe her…I couldn’t.  As much as I like Cana’s attitude and her design, she’s always been the most peripheral character on the show.
Mashima’s rarely ever tried to do anything with her, aside from the reveal that her father is Fairy Tail’s most powerful mage.  Even characters like Macao and and Wakaba feel like they’ve developed deeper ties with the guild. Cana has always felt like she was supposed to be a part of the gang, but never really was, which is pretty bad considering she’s the same age as Erza, Mirajane, Natsu, and Gray. She’s like that acquaintance from work or school who you’ll call…if you remember. Here she is talking about how much the guild means to her and all I can think of is how she’s only ever around for the group scenes that include everyone down to the background characters. She’s supposed to be important because she possesses one of the three most powerful spells in Fairy Tail, Fairy Glitter, but she tries it on August….

5. …And he’s fine. So fine in fact, he starts asking irrelevant questions even though there’s a giant, dragon-shaped ticking clock to be dealt with.  August is an incredibly old man, so I have no doubt there’s some strange relationship problem he’s struggling with as far as his kids, but it does feel like a weak moment to close this episode on. He’s completely aware Acnologia has returned but instead of throwing down with Gildarts and Cana he’s asking them if they care about one another or not.  This scene desperately needed some kind of reveal at the end for a stinger.
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