Amazon Unveils The Next Great Fantasy Series In ‘The Wheel Of Time’ Teaser

by Erik Amaya

Amazon finally unleashed a teaser for their upcoming The Wheel of Time adaptation. Based on the novels by Robert Jordan, the program focuses on a world in which women have access to magic. One such woman, Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), treks across that world — and our own mundane world, eventually — with a band of young people. She suspects one of them is a prophesied chosen one who will either save the lattice-work of worlds or destroy them utterly.

The program also features Josha Stradowski, and Zoë Robins.

“You need someone who feels that part and believes it 100%,” executive producer Rafe Judkins said of Pike during a Comic-Con@Home presentation in July. “I could just tell from the way she spoke of Moiraine that she understood this women. She was the only option for this character.”

As opposed to a series like Game of Thrones, Judkins said his big problem is not running out of story, but telling the story — which spans 14 novels (three of which were written by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s death) — in a reasonable amount of time. Although he outlined an eight-season run, he added he is willing to go longer if everything works.

The Wheel of Time debuts November 19th on Amazon.

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