A New Adventure Begins In Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1

by Tony Thornley

When Jane Foster let go of Mjolnir for the last time, returning the role of God of Thunder to Thor Odinson, it was clear it wouldn’t be the last time she would be taking up a superheroic mantle. Now, in the aftermath of the War of the Realms, we see her return to heroics in Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1.

Cover by Mahmud Asrar & Matt Wilson

Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Cafu, Jesus Abuterov, and Joe Sabino begin Jane’s great adventure.

In the wake of the War of the Realms, Jane Foster is growing into her new role as the sole remaining Valkyrie. Part of that is heroically defending the world from the leftovers of the war, the other is taking over the Valkyrior’s duties with the dead. Can she balance these duties with her daily life? And which classic villain is going to interfere with that plan?

Aaron and Ewing were the exact creative team this series needed to feel special. The story is an exciting mix of classic superheroes, Marvel mythology and the fantastic characterization that made the Mighty Thor so special. Jane’s balancing act is a great character conflict, and the heroics are exciting. The team is also able to elevate the story’s villain with a couple creative touches, turning someone who wouldn’t really fit into a god-level threat.

Cafu and Abuterov’s work together does a lot to make the story feel grand. Cafu’s line is soft, but he depicts the strangeness of the Marvel universe perfectly. He leans into the goofiness of costumed villains using Viking weapons and makes sure that the juxtaposition feels strange, but also that it works. The weapons used in this story, both by the various villains and by Jane herself, create sight lines to guide the reader across the page- a simple trick that he pulls of subtly and organically.

Abuterov uses bright colors, with brilliant bright lighting to add to the tone of the story. Thanks to his color work, there’s a feeling of hope through the story. When he shifts away from the brightness, it creates a sense of foreboding and coming doom, especially in the moments before a major Asgardian character dies at the hands of the story’s main villain.

 The Marvel universe is better for Jane Foster’s return. This story is going to take her into some great places.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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