Confrontations Abound In A Preview Of Next Week’s Legion

by Erik Amaya

The penultimate episode of Legion is nearly here. And if this preview is anything to trust, it will feature a lot of confrontations. David (Dan Stevens) will finally meet Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd) while the professor confronts Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban). Syd (Rachel Keller) and her team will make their way to the Xavier home. Although one imagines they will have to face some Time Eaters to get there. Also, considering what a head trip this show can be, we expect David will also face off against Legion in a rap battle to decide the fate of the universe.

Okay, we’re joking about the rap battle as Oliver (Jemaine Clement) already used the format against Jerome the Wolf (Jason Mantzoukas). Considering it was not exactly effective, David may have to chose an alternate form when facing his more grotesque selves. Then again, Syd witnessed the rap battle and learned an important lesson: some people do not want to be saved. Will that ultimately apply to David? Is Legion too much of his true, irredeemable self for her to break through? But for that matter, is her attraction to him too strong to contend with? Hell, she may even be tempted to change fate once presented with the opportunity to undo what Farouk did to the Haller-Xavier clan.
Maybe that was the real point of Melanie’s (Jean Smart) final message: it’s us and them. I guess she found a copy of The Invisibles omnibus inside the Astral Plane.
Legion airs Mondays on FX.

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