Sony Takes Back Spider-Man After New Disney Deal Falls Through

by Erik Amaya

It’s “Spider-Man no more” for Disney.

Deadline reports the next two films in the latest Spider-Man cycle — to be directed by Jon Watts and staring Tom Holland — will not feature the creative input of Marvel Studios or studio president Kevin Feige. The character is, essentially, being reclaimed by Sony after lending him to Marvel following the creative and relative financial failure of the studio’s Amazing Spider-Man cycle.

According to the site, Disney attempted to negotiate a co-financing deal for the third of the MCU Spider-Man films (which would mean a larger piece of the profits), but Sony flat-out refused the offer. The Culver City studio offered to maintain the deal it had with Disney for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, but Disney declined to continue with that arrangement.

Feige is apparently caught in the middle as he reportedly loves the character, but must accept the dissolution of the Disney-Sony partnership. It is unclear what this means for the MCU as an ongoing narrative, but considering the Phase 4 calendar lacks for a third Spider-Man, it is possible Feige was bracing for this. Which is weird considering Far From Home was setting Spider-Man up as the new central character. Sadly, it seems he will disappear in another Snap.

Sony, meanwhile, will quickly integrate him into their emerging Spider-Verse and, no doubt, schedule him for a meeting with Venom. But it remains to be seen if the Far From Home stinger scene will pay off in either the MCU or the Spider-Verse.

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