New Hasbro Transformers & Alpha Flight Figures Unveiled At Fan Expo Canada

by Gary Catig

Hasbro has been on a North American tour of big conventions this summer having gone to SDCC stateside and Unboxing Toy Con in Mexico. The latest stop is at Fan Expo Canada, where they held several panels regarding some of their biggest brands.

Their day of presentations began Friday morning with Transformers. The franchise is still in the midst of its 35th year anniversary and six new figures were announced to celebrate. From the Transformers: Generation Selects line, there will be Deluxe Class Nightbird and Powerdasher Zetar.

From the Transformers Studio Series line, expect to see Leader Class Constructicon Scavenger and Shockwave and Voyager Class Constructicon Mixmaster and Megatron.

Their final panel covered the Marvel Legends toys. Last year, one of their reveals was the Canadian superhero, Guardian. Now you can pair him up with the rest of his team, Alpha Flight, with a new 6-pack set that includes Snowbird, Shaman, Vindicator, Aurora, Northstar and fan favorite, Puck. This set is due out this December 1 and is up for pre-order on Amazon.

Note: Guardian is sold separately and Sasquatch BAF no longer available

It’s very fitting that the Alpha Flight set was announced at Fan Expo Canada. There was also a Star Wars panel in between but no significant news came out since the company is waiting for Triple Force Friday to make a splash.

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