“For The Moment The Door Is Closed” To More Spider-Man At Marvel Studios

by Erik Amaya

Sadly, Spider-Man is no more in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
According to Variety, Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra has put the matter to rest with a simple statement: “for the moment the door is closed.” The executive was speaking at the site’s entertainment and technology summit when the matter of Spider-Man’s MCU future came up.
The two studios were in a protracted negotiation to continue the relationship which led to Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland) inclusion in Captain America: Civil War, the most recent Avengers films, and the character’s recent solo outings Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home. According to previous reports, Disney, on behalf of Marvel Studios, was looking to become a full production partner and reap a 50/50 split of profits with Sony. Sony, meanwhile, wanted to maintain Disney’s 5% of the profits. Seemingly, both companies refused to budge even as Sony claimed the matter was over an executive’s credits going forward.
“We tried to see if there’s a way to work it out,” Vinciquerra continued. “The Marvel people are terrific people, we have great respect for them, but on the other hand we have some pretty terrific people of our own. [Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege] didn’t do all the work.” He also said the company has no ill will toward Marvel or Disney and that it may be possible the character could return in the distant future. But in the meantime, he will be part of Sony’s emerging Spider-Verse.

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