Margot Robbie May Be Producing A Tank Girl Film Without Creator Input

by Erik Amaya

Harley Quinn may not be enough for actor/producer Margot Robbie. Her next comic shop purchase is reportedly Tank Girl.

The news comes from a post by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, who claims the film rights to the series have been picked up by Robbie’s company from MGM. The latter studio produced the infamous 1995 Tank Girl film staring Lori Petty, Naomi Watts, and Ice-T and apparently held onto the rights every since. The production was legendarily troubled with Martin and co-creator Jamie Hewlett nearly ending their friendship and working relationship over the strife. Tank Girl comics simply stopped happening as a result.

Which may the reason Martin’s post about Robbie’s new attempt at Tank Girl has the tone that it does. He notes he learned about the project “through the grapevine” and not from Robbie’s people or MGM directly. As he writes, “I’m not sure there will be an input from the original creators.” While some creators, like Alan Moore, want nothing to do with Hollywood, lacking the input of the original creators (or the holding company) often leads to lesser products. And we say that as people who actually liked that misbegotten Tank Girl movie.

Of course, Martin’s information may be incorrect. No industry trade has confirmed the acquisition, so it’s unclear how far along the deal may actually be. Hopefully, sounding the horn as he has will lead to some sort of relationship between Robbie’s company and the Tank Girl creators.

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