A War For Golden Olympus: James Bond 007 #11 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Goldfinger is in the process of cleaning thieves out of his operation when all Oru agents receive a call from Agent Kim. She, James Bond, and Agent Lee just killed Essen, and they will do the same to every Oru agent unless they abandon Goldfinger. Needless to say, Goldfinger won’t take this lying down, and he kills any Oru agents that try to run away. Meanwhile, Bond, Kim, and Lee investigate Olympitech further, and they uncover more of Goldfinger’s plans. 

James Bond 007 #11 cover by Dave Johnson
James Bond 007 #11 cover by Dave Johnson

James Bond 007 #11 finds Agent Bond and his newfound allies striking back at Goldfinger, Oru, and Olympitech. James Bond has discovered many of the horrid things which Goldfinger has carried out, and that’s not even the whole story of his operations.
This is quite an action-packed issue thanks to Kim’s all-out assault on Oru. We see multiple explosions in the first few pages, and that’s only the beginning. Shootings and stabbings fill out much of this book.
The comic does a good job of showing just how much of an evil bastard Goldfinger is too. That said, he’s kind of charming despite being pretty damn creepy too. He gets a few good one-liners in though, as do James Bond and Agent Lee.
Robert Carey’s color art renders these events in nice stylism and detail. Shadows define much of the character features, and faces look often menacing. Goldfinger in particular has a round and soft face that belies his bloodthirst and greed. The uniforms of the Oru agents look quite nice too, especially with the ample shading in the comic. Roshan Kurichiyanil is the color artist on this venture, and he brings a nice and somewhat dark palette balance to the book that looks quite good on the page.
James Bond 007 #11 is a high-action and exciting comic book that shows Bond and his allies striking back at the abominable empire of Goldfinger. Each actor in this drama is compelling, and I’m left excited to find out how this will all end. This comic gets a recommendation. Check it out.
James Bond 007 #11 comes to us from writer Greg Pak, artist Robert Carey, color artist Roshan Kurichiyanil, letterer Ariana Maher, cover artist Dave Johnson, and variant cover artists Khoi Pham; Gleb Melnikov; and Robert Carey with Ellie Wright.
Final Score: 8/10

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