Better Than Vader In Star Wars: Age Of Resistance – Kylo Ren

by Tony Thornley

Kylo Ren was introduced to the world prior to the premiere of The Force Awakens with one key trait- this is the new Darth Vader. We soon learned that it was more than that, as his identity was revealed as Vader’s grandson, obsessed with living up to his grandfather. And that’s something that Star Wars: Age of Resistance- Kylo Ren addresses head on in the series’ final story.

Cover by Phil Noto

Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher, Guru-eFx, and Travis Lanham wrap up the series in a big way.

Kylo Ren leads the First Order onto a world that’s the home of Darth Vader’s greatest defeat. The Empire’s takeover failed when the warrior tribe that dominated the planet unleashed their “god” on the Dark Lord. Can Kylo Ren succeed where his grandfather failed?

Taylor taps into the most primal side of Kylo Ren here, showing readers the warrior as a wild but effective force. He takes a similar approach as he did with Captain Phasma, primarily using another character for the main POV to establish his presence. In this case, it’s a surviving stormtrooper from the original battle, and his awe and horror at Ren’s actions are what makes the story do what it sets out to do. Though it’s an almost entirely action-based story, it works.

Kirk and Hamscher’s line work is the high point of the series in this issue. They create a parallel between Ren and Vader, but they’re very careful in establishing the differences between the two as much as their similarities. Though the composition and layouts are very similar, the actual action is very different- Vader is controlled and precise, while Ren is wild, angry and fierce. It works incredibly well, and is a fantastic display of this veteran team’s talents.

The Age of Resistance is ending for now, but it’s a fantastic foundation leading up to The Rise of Skywalker this winter.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Kylo Ren is available now from Marvel Comics.

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