NYCC 2019: Marvel Games With Battleworld, Ghost, AIM & Kamala Khan!

by Gary Catig

At the Marvel Games panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, they had many big reveals about multiple games in their library. Whether your interests lie in mobile, VR or console, there was something there for you.
The presentation began with a teaser for their Marvel: Future Fight game.

Then they provided more details on the Marvel Realm of Champions that was announced earlier during NYCC. The game has been teased for the past five years in Marvel Contest of Champions with developers peppering in Easter Eggs alluding to it in the game. Whereas Contest was a single player fighting game, Realm is a multiplayer action RPG.
The events occur in Battleworld and has players representing one of eight houses with its own distinct style, baron and champion. They are:

  • House of Iron – Stark Prime, Iron Legionnaire
  • Spider-Guild – Madame Web (Spider-Gwen), Web Warrior
  • Gamma Horde – Skaar, Hulk
  • Patriot Garrison – Peggy Carter, Super Soldier
  • Asguardian Republic – War Thor, Thor
  • Temple of Vishanti – Ancient One (Doctor Strange), Sorcerer Supreme
  • Kingdom of Wakanda – Queen Shuri, Black Panther
  • Pyramid X – Apocalypse, Storm

Features include a high level of customization for the champion players use. Finally, though there are eight houses to begin with, there are fifteen new ones that are fleshed out and being developed with an additional 50 in consideration.

Next came additional details on Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Previously, the focus was on gameplay and flying and combat dynamics as the superhero. This time, they stressed the campaign mode and the story that was written by Christos Gage. It’s about Tony coming to grips with the guilt of knowing his technology was used to kill people in the past.

The villain of the game is Ghost and she was handmade to be Starks’ enemy. They also showed some of the supporting cast like Nick Fury, Pepper Potts and the AI, F.R.I.D.A.Y. The release date of February 28, 2020 was also announced and there are pre-order bonuses like additional custom deco armors and a digital deluxe edition.

The most surprising reveal came from the Marvel’s Avengers game where they provided more information on the story. After the events of A-Day, superheroes have been outlawed and Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) has filled the void. They even take over Avengers Tower.
Since heroes are banned, The Avengers have disbanded. Five years later, Banner is overwhelmed with guilt and remorse and doesn’t believe they are really heroes. Stark is in denial and has lost everything after the tragic events. Widow feels responsible for Captain’s loss and she goes rogue and undercover to find the truth. And Thor is disappointed in the group and feels nobody is worth so he puts the hammer down.

The catalyst in bringing the group together is none other than Kamala Khanv(Sandra Saad). After A-Day, Terrigen Mist is released into the world and she undergoes terrigenesis. She investigates what happened and finds evidence that maybe The Avengers weren’t responsible for the catastrophic event. AIM views the Inhumans as a disease that needs to be fought so Ms. Marvel is able to convince the team to get back together and battle this threat.

Reunited, The Avengers receive new gear compliments of Tony Stark. It’s interesting in the concept art that Captain America also has a new look. Does that mean he’s not really dead?

Marvel’s Avengers comes out May 15, 2020. Through the strategic partnership with PlayStation, PS4 owners will be the first to access the Beta. They also revealed the new Earth’s Mightiest Edition which will contain real life items inspired and found in the game.

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