A Goddess Guest Outstays Her Welcome In Lumberjanes #66

by James Ferguson

Freya, the Norse goddess has popped by the Lumberjanes camp for fun and adventure. It’s just that she’s come in like a bat out of Hell and she’s a little intense. This also ruffles the feathers of Diane, the camp’s resident goddess. Is Freya up to something? Or is she just way too much for the campers to handle? Meanwhile, Emily and a few others are searching for aliens.

Lumberjanes #66 perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a guest who has outstayed their welcome. Freya starts out fun and exciting. She has cool stories and can do some awesome things. That starts to wear on people over time. It’s hard to stay at Freya’s level of intensity. It’s like she’s constantly at a nine where most people settle in at a four or five throughout the day.

This doesn’t stop the initial excitement of her visit though. Artist Kenesha C. Bryant delivers a number of great montages showing all the crazy antics Freya gets into in a short amount of time. It seems like days have passed when in reality it was probably an hour or two. That’s what I mean about intensity.

Bryant’s style is a perfect fit for Lumberjanes, particularly with the facial expressions used. I love how they go from cartoonish to more detailed to show a stronger emotion. For example, when Hes is sharing her feelings about her secret crush, her face changes, like the love has taken over. This extends to Ripley as she gets swept up in this and hearts dance in her eyes.

This scene is great and shows how the campers can poke fun at each other without being mean about it. Instead of insulting Hes for her taste in crushes, they are happy for her and encourage her to pursue this, but not without throwing themselves over each other to show how madly in love Hes is. Letterer Aubrey Aiese adds some great inflection to this dialogue with words shown in all caps for extra emphasis. Lumberjanes is written in proper case and it works wonders to add tone to the speech.

Diane is a great standout in Lumberjanes #66. She’s getting shown up by Freya and can’t stand it. This is funny since she never went for this kind of attention, always thinking she was above it, but seeing how the other campers fawn over her has definitely created some jealousy. Bryant twists Diane’s face to show her in a Grinch-like visage as she plots and looks for cracks in Freya’s armor. It’s perfect.

Lumberjanes #66 is as welcoming as ever between the friendships at work and the great atmosphere. Colorist Maarta Laiho uses a nice mix of earth tones to hit the camping aspect of the book that complement the overall mood of the series. While the characters deal with some crazy events, goddesses, and monsters, this is a comic filled with positivity and pure joy. There’s no doom and gloom.

Lumberjanes continues to show us the power of friendship. Writers Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh weave this theme into multiple levels of the story across many characters. It’s a strong message that always leaves a smile on my face. Lumberjanes is really a comic for anyone and everyone.

Lumberjanes #66 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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