Batman And Superman Come One Step Closer In Event Leviathan #5

by Tony Thornley

Event Leviathan #5 continues the worst 24 hours in DC Universe history. Leviathan continues its rapid march across the globe, claiming even more victims… and Superman may be among them… Or is the Man of Steel the key to the entire mystery?

Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, and Josh Reed bring us one step closer to solving the greatest mystery in DC history.

Lois Lane meets with a second set of detectives- the group SHE brought together rather than Batman. They all lead her to one thing- if Sam Lane isn’t Leviathan himself, then he knows much more than he’s letting on. Pursuing that lead could cause Lois to pay a greater price than she ever expects. Meanwhile, Superman finds himself face to face with Leviathan and this time it goes very differently than the last time they faced each other…

It’s clear with this issue that the series is not about defeating Leviathan, and that the consequences will be sticking around the DCU for some time to come. WIth that in mind, Bendis’s script comes to a sharper focus. While it might appear to be deconstructed, he simply is showing readers how complex and confusing a conspiracy like that would be. There’s not an easy answer here, and Bendis makes it clear it’s a messy situation.

However, the character work here is top notch. The focus of the issue is on Lois Lane, and Bendis continues to show how well he understands the character. His depictions of Batman, Green Arrow and Superman are also great as well. The only low point is John Constantine, who really doesn’t serve much narrative purpose beyond being a snarky jackass.

There are only so many ways I can compliment Maleev’s art. Here he shows a great grasp of the interpersonal moments. His Lois is a strong presence, but she’s still vulnerable. It makes the tragedy she experiences so much more authentic and human. The build up to the final moments of the issue, showing Leviathan unmasking to Superman and Batman gaining an unexpected ally, is incredibly tense, not just because of Maleev’s linework but also the brilliant white, red and blue light that he surrounds the characters with.

The mystery of Leviathan is nearly over, but I’m excited to see where the journey takes us next issue.

Event Leviathan #5 is available now from DC Comics.

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