Alice Begins To Explain Herself In A Preview Of Next Week’s Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

According to executive producer Caroline Dries, Batwoman is now caught up to last year’s Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds.” Not that it really matters to the show’s individual narrative, but one supposes you can pretend that crossover takes place in between last night’s show and next week’s episode — which, if this preview is any indication, will be the long awaited origin story of Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Will her sad tale reveal what she’s really doing in Gotham City or will Kate (Ruby Rose) end up more confused?

As for this week’s show, we’re glad Rose is getting more and more comfortable both as Kate and inside the Batwoman costume. It’s a lot of costume and not always beneficial to natural movement, even when she’s just standing still and talking to Mary (Nicole Kang). Also, she did a great job working against Brianne Howey, who played Reagan — but we have to admit Reagan is not our favorite guest character in the show’s short run and we’re happy to see her move on. Then again, she is a Season One love interest and the Arrowverse excels at botching romance in the first year. Sadly, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) falls into this group as well and … yeah, it’d be great if Kate let her go, too.
The Magpie plot was nothing special, in fact, we sort of wish the episode was more about Kate fumbling as those moments landed with a lot of energy. Seeing her getting used to superheroing (particularly without any sort of mentor) would be a nice way to set her apart from the other CW heroes. Also, watching Kate get more comfortable alongside Rose would be make the show much stronger.
But one aspect we do not think will ever get stronger is Jacob (Dougray Scott). We may just be partial to the version of him from the post-52 era (when he was Kate’s Alfred), but the tortured leader of the Crows just seems like a waste of time.
Not that these are ruinous errors. Arrow‘s first season was filled with tone problems like this. Hopefully, the show will course correct in the back nine episode and Batwoman will find more of its proper footing.
Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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