The Future Is Now As 2099 Comes To The Present In Amazing Spider-Man #32

by James Ferguson

Miguel O’Hara, the SpiderMan of the year 2099 has returned to the present to fix the future…again. He has to get to Peter Parker to get this done, but first he has to break free from the mad scientists at Roxxon. Meanwhile, Peter is dealing with a group project so he can finally finish his degree and trying not to feel like he’s a million years old. Fortunately, his sister bails him out for a quick covert mission to take down the Chameleon and the Foreigner.

Artist Patrick Gleason makes his presence felt in Amazing Spider-Man #32. We saw a glimpse of what he could do with the character in issue #25 and he goes all out here. He captures the fun energy of the wall-crawler, both in and out of costume. His design for Spider-Man has super big lenses on his mask which I really love.
As great as Gleason is in Amazing Spider-Man #32, colorist Matthew Wilson steals the show. I love how the different scenes are distinguished from one another. Miguel bookends this issue and even though he’s in the present, there’s a definite futuristic sci-fi flare to these sequences. The dark reds and blues of his costume stand out from the looming shadows.

Gleason’s layouts for Miguel’s pages are top notch. They flow with a frenetic energy, especially those at the end of the issue. You understand the stress the character is under and the severity of this situation. The future is at stake and he needs to get to Peter Parker to save it.
There’s a layer of intensity to Peter’s fight with the Foreigner as it’s lit by the flames of a Jack O’ Lantern army. It casts a dangerous glow on the whole scene. Gleason mixes up Spidey’s moves, going from the comical to the serious as he goes toe-to-toe with this villain.

Letterer Joe Caramagna differentiates Peter’s thoughts from Miguel’s in unique caption boxes. This adds to the shift in style and tone that comes when we change scenes to focus on each character. Details like this are great as they allow us to fully immerse ourselves with these heroes.

Miguel’s appearance serves as the introduction for the upcoming 2099 event. This could present some event fatigue as Amazing Spider-Man has bounced from the big Kraven story arc to Absolute Carnage and now to 2099 and all I really want is to get to the bottom of Kindred, the new baddie on the scene. Writer Nick Spencer handles these various plot threads well, sprinkling in enough of the main narrative so we don’t get distracted by the tie-ins and events taking up time, although this does come with frequent recaps that appear in every issue. This is fine because every comic could be someone’s first comic, so a few caption boxes can serve to get newcomers up to speed quickly.
Amazing Spider-Man #32 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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