Advance Review Of Sea Of Stars #5: Wrapping Up The First Magnificent Story-Arc Of One Of My Comics Of The Year

by Richard Bruton

Sea of Stars #5 marks the end of the first volume of a comic I’ve already called one of my favourites of 2019. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that issue #5 has absolutely nothing that’s changing my mind about that. It’s still a fabulous delight of a comic.
Like I say, there’s nothing here that contradicts anything I’ve said before (and if you want to check –  issues one, two, three, and four).
What we do get here is a finale to this first volume that both serves to round off the first story-arc of Kadyn and his dad being lost in space and sets up future story-lines that could go so many ways.
So far, we’ve seen Kadyn separated from his dad, make a couple of alien friends, gain strange powers, and be taken in by Dalla, who sees something in him that could be her redemption.
Now, without giving all that much away… here’s a little of what’s going on here…
We have Gil in trouble…

Kadyn finding himself a little confused by all this new attention and talk of Quasarro returning…

Dalla having to make a big decision…

Yep, that’s about all I’m going to show you of the plot this time round. Suffice it to say, it has all the drama and emotion you’d expect if you’ve read any of the series.
And in Stephen Green and Rico Renzi, there’s an art team combining to make something that’s simply beautiful, by which I mean they’re creating a comic that looks effortlessly great, complete with lovely, expressive characterisation, and a real flair for crafting pages that flow with a vivid colour palette.
If you’re after a perfect idea of just how they do it so well, here’s one of Kadyn and one of Gil…

It’s all in the small things, whether it’s the gentle upturn of Kadyn’s head and eyes, to capture the innocence and trust in a face nearly devoid of any extra linework, or the hope in Gil’s eyes, together with all that gorgeous detailing of the knackered suit, patched up and taped up, and the more complex shading and linework… yes, that’s everything right there. So very, very good.

All in all, Sea of Stars does a great thing of being huge in scale yet still very much a sweet, personal, and sentimental thing. And that’s all down to all those involved. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing issue #6 pretty soon, but January brings us the first Sea of Stars collection, Lost in the Wild Heavens, essential for anyone who’s not been picking this great series yet.
Sea of Stars #5 – Written by Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum, art by Stephen Green, colors by Rico Renzi, letters & design by Jared K Fletcher. Published by Image Comics and out now.
Sea of Stars Volume 1: Lost in the Wild Heavens – out in January, collecting issues 1-5.

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