Enter The Batman: Previewing ‘Catwoman’ #50

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Nico Leon
Colours: Veronica Gandini
Letters: Lucas Gattoni

“Punchline and her Royal Flush gang are causing mayhem in Alleytown and things are blowing up—literally!—so Catwoman calls in backup!

We all know the cat has nine lives, and the same can be said about her gang! But what’s a nine-person heist without a little danger, maybe some…death? And, uh-oh, those handcuffs definitely don’t look like the sexy kind, but what’s worse is Selina has bigger things to worry about right now: like her ex-lover and current lover in the same room! At least she’s criminally good at being bad!”

Catwoman #50 is out Wednesday 20th December from DC Comics

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