Art For Art’s Sake # 27 – Bring On The Art…

by Richard Bruton

Time for another Art For Art’s Sake, where the joys of comic art are assembled before you…

AkiraKatsuhiro Otomo – gorgeous action sequence:

Mike Parobeck – from Batman Adventures:

Dan Clowes silkscreen print from 1998 (Via The Bristol Board):

Kevin O’Neill with a glorious bit of Nemesis The Warlock:

Chris Bachalo – Death:

Alan Davis – Captain Britain New Avengers #30 cover:

Frank QuitelyFlex Mentallo collection cover:

Rogue Trooper from the late, great Brett Ewins:

Tom Paterson doing a Dredd-ish Sweeny Toddler for Whoopee:

And then Sweeny Toddler by his creator, the great and much-missed Leo Baxendale:

Eddie Campbell – Bacchus:

Mike Collins – art from Apollo 11:

Rob Davis – from the forthcoming Book of Forks:

Beware The Creeper #2, 1968, cover from Steve Ditko:

Bryan Hitch early art for The Batman’s Grave with Warren Ellis:

I could do 30 plus of these, but better you head over to Reuben Willmott‘s Twitter to see more of them, because he’s done the work of assembling them. However, here’s a few beauties from past convention booklets from the old UK Comic Art Conventions (UKCAC)… (all collected here on Threader)
Darryl Cunningham

Mike Collins

Norm Breyfogle

Philip Bond

Dave McKean

Lew Stringer


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