Everyone Deserves A Second Chance: Preview Second Coming #5 From Russell, Pace, Kirk And AHOY Comics

by Olly MacNamee

AHOY Comics releases Second Coming #5 from Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk this week, with Satan and God catching up over a coffee at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, of all places. With colors by Andy Troy and letters by Rob Steen, this preview is a great indication of what you’ve all been missing with it’s mix of fun and philosophy as well as the revelation that God is cheap with selective memory. Seems he isn’t as omnipotent as we all thought and this series never the ‘controversial’ book certain narrow-minded media types thought it would be. Hmmm, I wonder if they even got anyone to even read the first issue, let alone the successive issues? I think we all know teh answer to that one, don’t we?
Check out Second Coming #5 when it comes out Wednesday 27th November from AHOY Comics, but enjoy the preview now.

God and Satan get coffee. Sunstar receives a tempting offer from a brutal dictator. Jesus shares some sad, secret memories with his flock. EXTRA! A selection of short prose fiction, beautifully illustrated.

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