Modern Sci-Fi Meets Medieval Fantasy In Twin Worlds

by James Ferguson

Science fiction and fantasy are two distinct genres that are loved by nerds around the world, however they fall into two very different camps. The two genres don’t really intersect…until now. Or rather, in January 2020. That’s when Twin Worlds debuts from Action Lab: Danger Zone. The new series from writer Rami Al-ashqar, artist Jethro Morales, colorist Bryan Magnaye, and letterer Lucas Gattoni, blends sci-fi and fantasy together into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of a comic.

Humanity abandon their Mars terraforming project and become the “alien invaders” when the sky is lit up by a portal to the world of Tassaroth. Finding a medieval society with rich resources, the “Earthers” soon take advantage and subjugate the Tassonite people. Even dragons are no match for their air supremacy. Despite the desolation, a Tassonite prophet has a message for her nation’s leader: the portal is the sign of a greater hope…

Twin Worlds chronicles the journeys of two twin children, hybrids controversially born to a pioneer Earther and a Drakkaran princess. After the Tassonites of Drakkara rebel against the imperialist Earthers who colonized their planet, the twins embark on a journey of survival, caught between colonizer fire, natives who view them as abominations, and a manhunt by warlocks seeking to eliminate their royal bloodline.

There’s a bit of a Saga vibe in there with the hybrid kids, but that’s probably where the similarities end. Twin Worlds plays with the idea of two drastically different worlds colliding with all their contrasting rules, cultures, and ideologies. How will this affect the balance between them? We’ll find out when science meets sorcery.
Twin Worlds #1 is set for release on January 22nd, 2020.

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