Art For Art’s Sake # 28 – Bringing You The Comic Art You Need

by Richard Bruton

Welcome once more to Art For Art’s Sake, your weekly round-up of all the pretty things I’ve viewed on the Internet this week. It might be old, it might be new, familiar artists, new artists… but all just gorgeous. Enjoy!
Jae Lee cover – Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #6.

Paul Gulacy Marvel art from Browse The Stacks; never my favourite artist but one who, just every so often, can do something that makes me go wow. So from that Marvel series at the link, there’s this…

Lucky Luke by Mathieu Bonhomme (Via Balu)

And because it’s Lucky Luke, one from his creator, Morris… it’s the simplicity of his line that makes it so damn good…

ROM by Paul Pope

Shintaro Kago… psychedelic madness…

GLASGOW91 The Glasgow Comic Art Convention (1991) – Miracleman by Mark Buckingham

c variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Dan DeCarlo on Millie the Model

Kris AnkaWeb of Black Widow

Sabrina by Veronica Fish (Via Dirty River)

Paul Chadwick – Concrete… one of those lost comics that doesn’t get talked about enough…

Michelle Scuito – MJ…

Ann Marcelino – illustrator/concept artist and producer of cool Dr Who art… (Via John Freeman’s Down The Tubes)

Phil NotoBlack Cat #1

Finally, this week, take a look at some of these lovely Nick Derington pieces. You’ll know his name from his work on Doom Patrol and Batman, maybe as lead animator on A Scanner Darkly, but I saw these first pieces on Browse The Stacks and then over to Derington’s website for more…


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