Catching Up With Old Friends: Preview Ocean Master: Year Of The Villain By Watters, Mendonça And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

The Year of the Villain isn’t quite over yet, as Ocean Master rises from both the streets and the ocean depths with an all new power and a new purpose, But ahead of any action, Orm checks in on his ex, Erin, for a catch up in this preview of Ocean Master: Year of The Villain by writer Dan Watters and artist Miguel Mendonça. Out this Wednesday 11th December from DC Comics.

Orm Marius lost nearly everything following the events of “Drowned Earth”—his crown, his love, and his freedom. Now, in the battle between justice and doom, Ocean Master struggles to find his place. But don’t count him out just yet—Ocean Master is about to prove exactly what makes him the true king of the seven seas when he discovers a new power that will change the tide forever!

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