Mix Of The Movie And Comics In Black Widow Marvel Legends Line

by Gary Catig

It seems as though we have more Marvel Legends toy reveals than what was announced this past weekend at German Comic Con. Hot off of the heels of the new Black Widow teaser trailer that dropped last week, we now have the full collection for the accompanying line.
We have previously caught glimpses of both the Winter Soldier and Crossbones during Hasbro’s European tour. Joining them will be an additional five figures and a larger sized Build-A-Figure.
Obviously, there will be a new cinematic version of Black Widow.

Also from the film, as seen in the trailer, will be Yelena Belova, Red Guardian and Taskmaster.

Then there will be Winter Soldier, Crossbones and Spymaster.

Finally, if you purchase the entire set, the Build-A-Figure is Crimson Dynamo.

The Black Widow series will be available from Hasbro in the Spring of 2020 and each figure will retail for $19.99.

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