Explore The Miraculous, The Mundane, And Everything In Between In King Of Nowhere

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios has announced King of Nowhere, a new five-issue mini-series from writer W. Maxwell Prince, artist Tyler Jenkins, colorist Hilary Jenkins, and letterer AndWorld Design. Debuting in March 2020, the comic is described as a thriller exploring the miraculous, the mundane, and the mysteries in between.

Writer W. Maxwell Prince says:

I’m incredibly happy to bring to market the most important comic about mutants to be published next year. How exciting that everyone can finally join me, Tyler, and Hilary in the middle of Nowhere.

King of Nowhere follows Denis, a lovable, drunken lowlife as he wakes up on the outskirts of a mysterious village known as Nowhere. It’s there he meets a friendly populace of deformed, mutated, just-left-of-normal citizens. Also, he has no memory of where or who he is. As Denis starts to regain his memories, his past catches up to him. This seemed like a bad trip at first, but it quickly turns into a drama of mistaken identities, small-town conspiracy, and high-stakes fantasy fulfillment.

Artist Tyler Jenkins added:

You ever have one of those days where you stand in the morning, vaguely connected to the events that have, moments ago, ceased being the present, and watch the sun rise, then spend that day adrift without the anchor of sleep? That’s King of Nowhere—a stop motion story; one day to the next, one pose to the next. Each pose, each day, hopefully driving forward the life of your story, or the story of your life.

I’ve loved what Prince has done on Ice Cream Man and Jenkins’ artwork is pretty great so I’m excited to see what this pairing will bring in King of Nowhere.

Eric Harburn, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

King of Nowhere takes the absurdist imagination of Ice Cream Man and the visceral storytelling of Grass Kings and blends them into the craziest damn smoothie you’ve ever tasted. W. Maxwell Prince and Tyler Jenkins, along with Hilary Jenkins and AndWorld Design, have built a fever dream of mystery, pathos, and heart, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

King of Nowhere #1 is set for release in March 2020.

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